Victoria Parallel Platen Press

In two weeks time I will be installing a Victoria Parallel Platen Press in my workshop here in Inverness. The press, made in Germany in 1932, is a beautiful piece of machinery with a parallel motion that helps provide the same impression all over a ‘pull’. The press also has an excellent inking system, and is electrically driven. I feel extremely fortunate to have found such a sort-after press, that has been so well cared for- and loved – in its current location near Durham.

I have had to do a considerable re-arrangement of my workshop, but by getting rid of a few items there is now plenty of space to place the Victoria in line with my Arab Press. So the space is now waiting in excitement for the arrival of the Victoria. I will be sure to add plenty of pictures of the installation of this ton of machinery and its first commissioning in my ‘Periscope Press’. All so exciting…….! Below is a picture of a Victoria Platen that is similar to the one coming my way.

A victoria Platen