The Words of Brutus

‘There is a tide in the affaires of men’ are well known words, but maybe not everyone will immediately know that they were spoken by Brutus in Act 4 of Julius Caesar. To me they state that when in life, a chance or opportunity shows itself, one must grab it. It is also said that at the approach of death, it is the things that one did not do, rather than those that one did, that come to the surface. So I have printed the words of Brutus, set in 24pt Verona, on 100% cotton paper. The type was cast by Stephenson Blake, as were the decorations, and I was lucky to obtain this type not long before the famous type founders in Sheffield closed. I remember clearing shelf of dusty unopened packets of type; in the knowledge that they would never be cast again.

The print is on 100% cotton paper, size 9.5″ x 6.5″, mounted on a green board size A4.