The Laws of the Navy

Captain Ronald Hopwood, Royal Navy published his verse ‘The Laws of the Navy’ in the Army & Navy Gazette in 1898. Based on the rhythm and style of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Laws of the Jungle’, his poem has become a classic within both the Royal Navy and the US Navy. It was also published after WW1, in a stunning edition with drawings by Lieutenant Rowland Laingmaid. Although it was primarily aimed at aspiring naval officers, it contains a wealth of great wisdom that any profession or team would be wise take onboard. Particular lines that appeal to me are:

‘One the strength of one link in the cable – dependeth the might of the chain.

They prosper who burnt in the morning – the letters they wrote overnight

So this lock-down period has given me some time to produce a larger print of the first two verses, that are equally applicable to any organisation or company of people, that has a head and satellites. The prints are done on soft white 300gsm mould made ‘Somerset’ paper, which takes the letterpress impression so beautifully. Although, they took some time to set and print the black and red in register, the result is very pleasing. I have twenty five copies, should anyone want one to frame up. (size 8.25″ square so fit well into a 10″ square frame)

Set in 24pt Verona Roman and Italic, with heading and footers in Perpetua Italic