Submarine Drawing by John Lang

Many years ago, when I was running Piccolo Press, I was asked by John Lang, a fellow submariner and most accomplished artist, to produce some cards from a drawing he had done. I made a block of his delightful pen and ink sketch of a ‘P’ or ‘O’ class diesel electric submarine, with our then newest nuclear submarine HMS SWIFTSURE . For good measure he added a manned periscope into the drawing. Whilst rummaging in my print-shop, I came across this block and decided to see how it printed. As I hope you can see, it has come out well; dark and menacing – like submarines should be! – and a remarkable vignette of submarining life. Should any submariner want a print, I am sure John would not mind if you got in touch with me.

John Lang’s drawing, reproduced with a letterpress block and printed on a press made in 1900!