Submarine Cartoons

My most recent printing activity has been to print two ‘Cartoon Drawings’ done by Commander Tony Steiner OBE, himself a well known Submarine Captain and also a talented marine artist. His silhouette drawings of ‘The Casing Party’ and ‘The Attack Team’ will strike cords with many submariners who found themselves as part of these situations over many years, particularly in the diesel-electric Boats. The letterpress prints have been done in aid of the Submariner Memorial Appeal that is raising money for the commissioning of a permanent memorial in the National Memorial Arboretum, to those submariners who have lost their lives outwith the two world wars, especially in accidents.

The text has been composed in ‘Verona Roman’, a typeface cast by the late Stephenson Blake of Sheffield, who sadly are no longer casting type. The two printing blocks were photo-engraved by the Lyme Press in the Isle of Wight, who did a superb job with the scanning of the original drawings and reduction in size of the images, before mounting them type-high. The printing was done with my ‘Victoria’ press, which was perfect for the task, having such an amount of inking power and pressure to handle the solid black of the silhouettes.

The print run of sixty of each print are expected to sell well through the Submariners’ Regimental Website. However they can also be ordered by email direct from me here in Inverness.

The top image shows the activity on the Casing (upper deck) of a submarine, when berthing. It is always a tense moment and many young officers will feel the frustration of the sub-lieutenant on the right of the drawing!! The bottom image shows the ‘Attack Team’ all helping the Captain, who is on the periscope trying to work out the course and speed of the ‘target’, so that his torpedoes will, when fired, be sent on a collision course of destruction.

This photo shows the printing block on the ‘chase’ that has just printed the card on the ‘Platen’ of my ‘Victoria” press.
The Casing Party – Mounted on an A4 board – ready for framing