New Posters

One of the joys of running a private press is that one can print for one’s friends as and when appropriate. For the last two years we have had a lovely French tenant (Natalie) living in the small flat over my print work-shop , who is now sadly having to go back to live in France. She has had to put up with my BBC Radio Three classical music, or classical CDs that I play when I am printing. So I have had some fun composing a small ‘bon voyage’ poster with wood type, and printing it on my small Stephenson Blake proofing press.

And a second poster is one I have specially done for the Nairn Book & Arts Festival; sadly this year held on line, but still with a remarkable programme of good talks and events. I have printed a special poster for this annual event in Nairn for the last ten years. This poster was the first in which I used my ‘new’ Victoria Press and the border type cast by Gloucester Typesetting. However, after much trial and effort the wood type was too solid for this press and I had to revert to the Stephenson Blake proofing press, which under the circumstances, and seeing the size of the A3 poster, produced a remarkably satisfactory result.

Printed on Somerset 300gsm mould-made paper