Family Christmas Card 2020

As this is the first full run with my new ‘Victoria’ Press, the production of our 2020 Christmas card is a bit of a milestone. The words from HMS PINAFORE, I hope are pertinent in these rather strange times that we are now experiencing, not yet over – and for which we can do nothing about, except obey the ‘rules’. From a printing aspect, the red border was done before I had realised that the roller pressure can be finely adjusted. This would have obviated the slight ‘filling in’ of the border motif. A German friend and recipient of the card, has rung to say that the press was named ‘Victoria’, after the elder grand-daughter of Queen Victoria, who married the Kaiser Frederich III.

I hope that those of you who know ‘Pinafore’, will be able to sing through the trio of Captain Corcoran, Josephine and Sir Joseph Porter, in Act Two.