The Presses and Workshop

Here are some pictures of my workshop and my presses

The Arab Press was invented by Josiah Wade of Halifax in 1872. Although Wade died in 1910, some 40,000 of these presses were manufactured up to 1959, when production ceased.
My 'Arab' that I bought from the Badenoch Printers in 1996 had been in continuous use for over seventy five years, and is still in immaculate condition, having been most carefully cared for since 1900.
The press is also of particular interest as it starred in the BBC production of 'The Wipers Times', a documentary, written by Ian Hislop, about the production of a newspaper on the front line at Ypres, during WW1.
Workshop showing Arab Press

Poster Press for wooden type posters
(A sturdy little press made by Stephenson Blake of Sheffield)
My Adana 8×5 Hand Press
A surprisingly useful press for small jobs and the press I started Piccolo Press with some 37 years ago.