Some Samples of Letterpress Printing

The Laws of the Navy, contain some pertinent advice for any occupation.
Lord Nelson sent his Fleet some memorable words too.
These cards were printed to commemorate 100 years of the ‘Perisher’, the practical course all submarine commanding officers have to pass.
A dinner was held in the Britannia Naval College Dartmouth, at which almost all who had passed this demanding course attended.
‘Snort Drain One’ was an important part of the standard drill when draining down to snort (charge the battery at periscope depth)
Some correspondence cards, done for friends, using floral initial letters.
Some correspondence cards printed for friends – for a small fee!


I am lucky to have obtained a set of ‘Cloister Initials’ in 72pt, cast by the American Type Founders. These are now the Holy Grail of type. (ATF went into liquidation in 1998) With their deep etched matrixes, and beautiful floral design surrounding the letters, they make a stunning image where letterpress printed on a soft cotton paper or card.

The print shows the Cloister initials in the top photo, plus the addition of the red manicules and text printed as a second set-up in red ink.