The ‘Periscope Press’ is the private press of Tim Honnor.

Tim served in nine Royal Naval Submarines from 1963 – 1979.

In 1983 Tim retired from the Royal Navy and founded the ‘Piccolo Press’ in Nairn, one of the most prestigious specialist printers in the UK. He was the editor of ‘Small Printer’, the monthly magazine of the British Printing Society, Chairman of the British Engraved Stationery Association (BESA) and a member of the British Printing Historical Society and the Oxford Guild of Printers. He is also a trustee of the Scottish Print Archival Trust.

I suppose he could be called a ‘Print Nutter’!

He now has a print-shop adjoining his house near Inverness and does most of his printing on a beautiful ‘Arab’ Platen, made in 1900.

Tim at his ‘Arab’ Press, sited in his print-shop that was once his garage.

‘What is a Private Press’? – a question that has never been answered altogether satisfactorily; although it is generally accepted that a private press is not set-up for commercial gain. The late John Carter wrote in 1961:

…..the fundamental principle of private press printing is that the printer is more interested in making a good book than a fat profit. He prints what he likes, how he likes, not what someone else has paid him to print. If he produces something for looking at and handling, rather than the purpose of reading, remember he is concerned as much with his own pleasure and education as with yours.

It is generally understood that the term ‘Private Press’ is where the work is hand-set and hand-printed. Its editions, moreover, are likely to be limited in number.